Out of the Darkness Walk (May 2012)


In Brent’s memory, his mom (Susan) and sister (Reina) participated in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk. Prior to the event, they were required to raise $1,000 each to participate in the event. Net proceeds raised benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, funding research, advocacy, survivor support, education and awareness programs, including the suicide helpline that has helped countless individuals in their time of crisis. By registration on June 9th, they had raised a total of $2,830, far exceeding the requirement through the generous support of family and friends. Together, participants raised more than $2.3 Million and, from dusk to dawn, helped to bring issues of depression, mental illness and suicide out of the darkness and into the light.

Their walk began at Fort Mason, where a few key note speakers shared their stories. When they reached the Palace of Fine Arts, they were surprised to discover that a few family members had shown up to cheer them on in person at the cheering stations. In the end, they walked 7.5 miles to a rest stop before hitching a ride back to Fort Mason, where they walked an additional 1.5 miles through the seemingly endless luminary lights of those lost through suicide. As they walked, both gained strength, clarity and wisdom from other families and individuals forever affected by suicide. This was truly an emotional and enriching journey.

Thank you to all the friends and family that supported Susan and Reina both emotionally and financially in this truly unforgettable experience.

Click to read an article written in the RCBA Magazine by Reina regarding the experience (on page 11).

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